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Summary of Shades of Gray


This story is about a kid named Will Page. His Dad died in the Civil War, his brother died from a Yankee soldier, his two sisters died from a disease, and his mom died of grief.  Since Will's family all died, Doc Martin, a friend of the Pages, said that Will's mom left a note that said if anything happened to them Will would have to live with his aunt and uncle.  Will's uncle did not fight in the Civil War, but Will's dad did.  Will is mad at his uncle for not fighting against the Yankees.  At Will's aunt and uncle's house, Will meets three kids.  They were named Hank, Amos, and Patrick.  They are mean to Will's cousin Meg.  Meg is glad to have Will to protect her from them.  Will got a letter from Doc Martin that said he could live with him and his sister and that he'd be proud to raise Will as his son.  Will had a tough decision to make.  He could choose to stay at his aunt and uncle's or go to Doc Martin's.  Will wanted to go back to Winchester with Doc Martin.  But his aunt enjoys Will being there with her.  At Will's old house, they had a slave to do the chores for them.  But since the Civil War is over, Will has chores to do.  Will is not used to having chores.  As the book goes on, a Yankee soldier came up to their door and asked to stay until it gets better.  Will doesn't like how the Yankee soldier has to stay.  Will finds out that his uncle is against the war instead of just refusing to fight.  Will starts respecting his uncle.  Will finally made the decision to stay at his aunt and uncle's because it felt like home to him.  Even though he had to get used to so many things.

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