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Summary of Shades of Gray

Chapter 1 and 2: Every person in Will's family died. His Dad died in the Civil War, his brother died from a Yankee soldier, his two sisters died from the epidemics and his mother died of grief. Doc martin said that Wills mother left a note that said to live with his Aunt incase anything happened to Wills parents. So Will now has to live with his aunt and uncle. Wills uncle refused to fight in the Civil war. Will is not happy about what his uncle did. But since the war is over Will cant do anything about it.

Chapter 3 and 4: Will went fishing with his cousin. There at the fishing area Will met Hank, Amos and Patrick.  Hank and his crew aren't very nice to Meg. But Will shoos them off. Meg respects that. Will learned from his uncle where to find the animal traps. Will learned that his uncle doesn't want to be called "sir'' but wants to be called Uncle Jed. Will is also starting to fix the fence with his uncle. Will still is not happy with his uncle.

Chapter 5 and 6: Will went to check the animal traps and found a rabbit.  Will tried to get the rabbit out but the rabbit was to quick. It bit Will and ran off. Will came home with a bloody arm. He asked his aunt to wrap his arm up and told her there not having rabbit stew. But Meg had killed a rabbit with her hoe. Will felt embarrassed. Will went to the fishing place and saw that Amos was there. He told Will the story he herd about Wills brother. The story was that Amos's brother Dan saw Charlie page get shot and herd somebody shot "Oh my god! It's Charlie Page! This is going to kill his mother!". Will knew it was his brother that got shot but Will acted liked it wasn't his brother. 

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